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What happens to my stair lift chair in a power outage?

Stairlifts run on batteries. Just in case there’s a power outage.

Power outages can be very inconvenient. They can stop you from getting on with your life until the power comes back on. That might be true for your kitchen appliances, but not for your stairlift.

Your stairlift keeps going, even in a power outage

You might have bought an electrical appliance and not checked whether it works if the power is out. It might have let you down when you needed it most.

When it comes to buying a stairlift, this becomes a major concern. You don’t want to be stuck halfway up your stairs in the dark.

That’s why we’ve made sure you won’t.

stairlift keeps going even in a power outage

Stannah stairlifts don’t stop because you’ve lost power, because they’re fitted with batteries that are constantly trickle-charged from an outlet near your stairs. If the main power supply cuts out, the batteries take over and get you safely to your destination. The batteries charge automatically when the chair is stopped at a charging point, so you’ll never get caught out.

Stannah lifts also come with two remote controls, one at the top and the other at the bottom of your stairs. If your chair is on a different floor, you can call it using the control. If you have a longer outage, the batteries will still last for several journeys, so you can ride it safely, without getting stuck; just remember to turn your stairlift off when it’s not in use to save the batteries.

As well as being safe and comfortable, Stannah stairlifts are extremely quiet. That means you can use them at any time of day or night, without disturbing anyone else.

With your Stannah, you’ll be free, safe and independent, and you’ll keep moving, just like your stairlift!


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