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A stair survey for pricing and options

A free survey from one of our representatives helps us give you personalized advice tailored to your needs.

Buying a stairlift is a big decision. One we know you don’t take lightly, and we don’t either. We want to make sure we provide you with quality service from your first contact with us, so we have a friendly team waiting for your call, ready to schedule a stair survey for a time that suits you.

stannah stair survey

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We’ll measure your stairs and answer all your questions

Each staircase is different

And it’s important that we take precise measurements to ensure that we install the best stairlift for you and your family. Make the most of our expertise and let us help you regain your independence.

Trustworthy advice

Trustworthy advice

Our friendly advisors answer all your questions and recommend the best option for you and your stairs.

Customizable product

Customizable product

As well as being made to fit your stairs, Stannah stairlifts are also personalized to fit your wants and needs.

A  Personalized Service

Our attentive advisors are ready to answer all your questions and give you the peace of mind you need to take that next step with confidence.

We work hard to make sure that you have all the information you need. We understand that this is a personal decision. After all, it’s your independence at stake, which is why each stairlift is custom made for you and your home.

That’s why our free, no-obligation stair survey is so important – it’s where we work out the best option for your needs. Whether you have straight stairs or stairs that take a turn, we need to decide which rail would work best in your house.

We’ve developed new technology that means our specialist advisors can measure your stairs to within a tenth of an inch. You get top quality, personalized stairlift advice right there and then.

During your free stair survey:

  • Our advisor evaluates your mobility needs
  • Your stairs are measured and evaluated to see how a stairlift would fit
  • You get answers to any and all the questions you may have
  • They give you advice about the best stairlift for you
  • You get a free quote
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