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Our Model 285 has a modern look that fits well into Californian homes

There’s a lot to love about living in Southern California. The beautiful climate, great scenery and nearby friends and family can all add up to a great lifestyle. But if mobility problems get in the way, life can quickly become less easy. Aging-in-place specialists point to bathrooms, kitchens and stairs as potential trouble spots, and we’re here to help with access between the different levels of your home. If you’d like to stay living in your home but find that the stairs are becoming difficult, a Stannah stairlift could be a great way to make it easier to climb up and down the stairs.

We’ve found that the greater Los Angeles area has more curved stairs than many other parts of America. We’ve been making stairlifts globally for over 40 years, and our first curved-rail stairlift was installed in California in 1997. Since then they’ve become widely used in SoCal, and we’re known for making high-quality stairlifts that look good and are easy to use.

Our stairlift for curved stairs (the Model 260) comes with three seat choices. The Siena chair is a practical and good-looking choice, and the most popular. We also have the Starla chair, which comes in a range of fabric colors with optional wood trim. And our unique Sadler seat was specially made for very narrow stairs or for people who can’t easily bend their knees. Stannah’s straight stairlift, the Model 600, sits tightly against the side of your staircase. This leaves plenty of room when you (or others) to walk up and down the stairs. Stannah’s straight stairlift also comes with the Siena and Starla chairs, and our entry-level Scout model is often installed on basement or cellar stairs.

Getting back to the great outdoors, our Model 320 has a proven track record in salty, humid climates. We’ve been installing it on Pacific islands for nearly 20 years. For bringing groceries up from street level or or simply enjoying an hour in your back yard, Stannah’s outdoor stairlift is a good way to gain access.

Delivery and Installation


All our stairlifts are quickly delivered and can usually be installed in less than half a day. Our installers are factory-trained and are employed full-time by Stannah. We attach the stairlift to the stair treads (not the wall), which also makes removal very easy. All we need is a regular 110V outlet to plug the stairlift into, and during a free call to measure the stairs we’ll check to see which outlet to use. After installing your stairlift we’ll take as much time as you need to get used to using it, and we’ll leave your home as tidy as when we arrived. From our local sales and installation base in Garden Grove we service the entire Greater Los Angeles area – Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

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Payment Options

Stannah has stairlifts for most budgets. Our stairlifts are available for purchase or short-term rental. At the end of the initial rental period you have the option of buying the stairlift, or you can carry on renting it. Some customers choose our payment plan, which allows you to spread out the purchase over five monthly installments. We also have refurbished units with a great warranty. We’re here to help – pick up the phone and we’ll be pleased to help you in any way we can!

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Need an Elevator?

Incidentally, we’re the first to agree that a stairlift isn’t always the best way to move up and down in the home – sometimes an elevator is a better answer. We can also help there – in 2018 Stannah acquired Acme Home Elevator, and though Acme we can supply residential elevators, wheelchair lifts and vertical platform lifts or porch lifts. Visit to learn more.

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