Stairlifts don't require remodeling

That means no upheaval or mess

It comes as a surprise to many people that you don’t need lots of building work or heavy construction to have your stair lift (or chair lift) installed.

Why not?

Because stairlifts are installed on the tread of your stairs

Stair treads are made to carry a lot of weight, so you don’t have to change anything about your house. Your lift is designed to fit what you already have. We measure them accurately and install the rail so that your chair will travel close to the edge of your stairs, typically not taking up more than about 7½” (or 19 cm) of the width of your stairs (although this might differ on curves or if an obstruction protrudes from the wall).

install a stairlift

Our stairlifts can be installed on almost any type of stair tread*

From cement to wood to metal, you won’t need to alter your stairs at all. The feet of the rails are the only things that attach to your staircase, so if you decide later that you want to remove your lift, all you’ll be left with are tiny holes on some of the steps. They’re easy to repair, even if your stairs are hardwood – we recommend golf tees, they’re just the right size for plugging screw-holes.

On the day your stairlift is installed, there might be a little bit of sawdust left over from drilling the holes, but we’ll always clean that up before we leave.

* The one caveat is outdoor stairs made of a composite material such as Trex. We’ll advise you.

Installations only take a few hours.

There won’t be people traipsing in and out of your house for days on end. Our friendly technicians will arrive on time, install your lift, make sure you know how to use it and be on their way. Straight stairlifts take only a few hours and curved stair lifts around half a day to install.

stairlift installation without building work

We work with (and around) what’s there

Are your stairs too narrow?

We have stairlifts designed especially for narrow staircases. The Sadler has a perch-seat, which means you are almost standing as you go up the stairs and the Siena has a curved back, so you sit further back in the chair. That means your knees don’t knock against anything on the way up. If you can stand on your stairs, chances are we can fit a stairlift on them.

Give us a call now to book your home assessment, and get one step closer to feeling the freedom a stairlift can bring.


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