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Stairlifts: The Complete Guide 2021

Written by Nathan on 08/28/2020

This article has been updated to include new stairlift guidance and information for 2021 (originally...

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We Take Care

Written by Nathan on 04/29/2020

Remote Stairlift Appointments Contact-Free Installations Our Stairlifts Find Your Dealer ...

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Beat the Rush: Stay Home Safely Today & Save on Your Stairlift Tomorrow

Written by Nathan on 04/20/2020

As we continue to adjust to a changing world, it’s important to make sure that we’re all doing e...

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Contact-Free Stairlift Installations

Written by Nathan on 04/07/2020

With current public health concerns, Stannah has stepped up its efforts to meet the needs of our com...

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tired old woman

Tiredness and fatigue

Learn how older adults can regain energy and vitality

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old man listening to music brain activity

Neuroscience offers proof that music can boost brain activity

Older adults grow as many new brain cells as young people and music could be one of your allies to boost brain activity!...

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still alice movie review

Still Alice: a story about early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Neuroscientist Lisa Genova tells the story of Alice and her early-onset Alzheimer’s disease....

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