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Accessibility Solutions: A Guide for Your Home

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How to make your home accessible

With many older adults determined to age-in-place, home safety and accessibility solutions are in high demand. While some problems can be solved minor home and lifestyle adjustments, if stairs are a problem, a more comprehensive accessibility solution may be needed. Join us as we cover some helpful fall prevention tips and show you how to make your home more accessible.

Falls – a big risk for older adults

Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults; in fact, one older adults falls approximately every second. 1/3 of all falls are related to home hazards and 2/3 of fall victims will fall again within 6 months. Here are a few tips that can help make your stairs more accessible and safer:

Fall Hazard Checklist

Additionally, the mobility of the homeowner has to be taken into account. Before deciding what to do about the stairs, you should consider this homeowner checklist:

Homeowner Mobility Checklist

Stairs are a problem. What is the right accessibility solution?

Moving to a new house

If you can no longer get up and down your stairs, you might consider moving to a ranch or single-story home. It might even seem like the easiest option.

When was the last time you moved house? Do you remember what that involved? Sorting through years’ worth of cherished items…and lots and lots of stuff. Stuff you don’t even remember owning. Packing everything into boxes. Hiring a delivery truck. All the heavy lifting and carrying and moving and worrying. That’s before even mentioning the hassle of trying to sell your own house or finding a new one within your price range.

It’s not just that moving house can cost a lot of money; it’s also about the emotional toll it takes on you. It’s exhausting. And it’s sad. Leaving behind all the memories you’ve built up over the years. That’s why many seniors instead choose options that will allow them stay in their current homes.

Moving to the first floor

Moving the bedroom to the first floor is perhaps the simplest solution for eliminating the stairs as a barrier in your home. If stairs are a problem, why not simply remove them from the equation? Unfortunately, single-story living isn’t for everyone. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re a person who has trouble with stairs, but still wants to enjoy the full use of your home. That means separate areas for your private things, like your bedroom, and proper space for entertaining guests.

While paring your home down to a single story might seem like a good way to solve the problem of the stairs, it really limits your options and cuts down on your ability to host visitors and enjoy your home the way you want to. You’ve paid for the entire house. Why limit yourself  to a single floor?

Installing a home elevator

Installing a home elevator is an increasingly popular solution for making your entire house accessible. However, high costs, longer lead times and architectural requirements can make this a tricky option for many.

While a home elevator can solve a lot of issues, it might be more than is necessary for your situation. If you’re still ambulatory, but need help getting up and down stairs, a stairlift could be a great alternative, providing the best of both worlds.

A stairlift: the most effective way to get the better of your stairs

Choosing to buy a Stannah stairlift is a cost-effective decision that will help you stay in the home you love. It will give you your house back. Give you your independence back. Even give you your energy back.

You also get to hang onto your memories. That’s a big reason why a stairlift is such a great option. You get to stay in the home you love, surrounded by your own things, your neighbors, your community. Staying at home makes you more active, because you’re in familiar surroundings. You have your routine and you know what you’re doing. Your stairlift can help you keep that intact. It can help you keep your home and get around all of it, safely and comfortably.

The perks of buying a stairlift

There are many perks to buying a stairlift. Especially when you compare them with the stress of moving house.

Easy to install

You don’t need to have any construction done to get a stairlift, and because it’s attached to your stairs, not on your walls, it can be installed on any type of material. Whether your stairs are made of wood, concrete, brick, tile or metal, you could have a stairlift fitted in no time.

More energy for the things that matter

Getting a stairlift doesn’t mean exercising less. It means you have the energy to do things that actually matter. How much joy does climbing the stairs bring you? Compare that to having the energy to go out for a coffee, come home and know that you can glide up the stairs with no effort. Maybe the things that bring you joy are more active. Gardening? Yoga? Swimming? Dancing? Will your newfound energy mean you start a whole new hobby? Or will you simply have more energy to spend with the people you care about? No matter what you decide, the answer will certainly be more interesting than climbing the stairs, and probably much safer!

How do I buy a stairlift?

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Written by Stannah at 02-05-2019