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Benefits of Water Exercises for Seniors

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17th Jul 2017






Water Exercises for Seniors are an excellent opportunity for them to stay fit as well as keep cool on a hot summer day.

Water Exercises for Seniors

The rising temperatures and blazing heat of summer is enough to leave anyone with a strong desire to cool off. Water Exercises for Seniors are an excellent opportunity for them to stay fit as well as keep cool on a hot summer day. Swimming is a low impact exercise, therefore, highly recommended for the elderly.

Water exercises for seniors provide many health benefits, such as:

1. Swimming increases Strength

  • As one ages, muscle loss does occur, and muscle loss can decrease strength
  • Water provides resistance, which can be beneficial to strength building. LivHome concludes that water exercises are similar to weight training.
  • Senior can control the resistance with water exercises because the faster they go, the more resistance builds up
  • Muscle loss can decrease one’s physical strength
  • Senior Health concludes that swimming works most muscles at once, therefore it prevents muscle loss that usually occurs at an older age.

2. Pool Exercises improve Heart Health

  • Swimming improves your overall heart health.
  • According to American Senior Communities it improves your endurance and cardiovascular system.
  • Improves your circulation and can lower your blood pressure
  • Decrease risk of heart and lung cancer

3. Water aerobics reduces risk for osteoporosis

  • Seniors (especially women) at greater risk for osteoporosis and activities like swimming can reduce that risk.
  • According to American Senior Communities swimming can enhance bone marrow density and this can help against osteoporosis
  • Vital because a third of women and one fifth of men over 50 suffer from a bone fracture caused by osteoporosis
  • According to LivHome experts found that weight bearing exercise helps with bone strength and since water exercise provides resistance, it can help to reduce osteoporosis

4. Water exercises to improve flexibility

  • Swimming involves multiple muscles moving simultaneously.
  • How Stuff Works Health concludes that since there is an extensive range of motion it allows the joints to become loose and flexible which is vital in preventing injuries
  • Excellent stretch, since each stroke requires a significant amount of reaching
  • Increase flexibility in all areas of your body including your neck, back, legs and arms
  • American Senior Communities found that swimming helps with posture can cure back pain as well.

5. Swimming improves mental well-being

  • Aquamobile concludes swimming can decrease your stress levels, as well as increase the production of endorphins, therefore making you feel happier.
  • Swimming can also be a way to engage in social interaction and avoid loneliness.
  • It can give seniors an activity to look forward to and one that they enjoy doing

6. Water exercises help reduce the risk of falling

  • According to LiveScience research implies that seniors who swim are less likely to fall as compared to those who do not
  • Aquamobile indicates that swimming is unlike many other sports since you provide your own base and must maintain balance while in the water.
  • Swimming assists in your balance and coordination, both are essential in avoiding falling.