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Using Medicaid to purchase a Stairlift

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18th Mar 2016







How Medicaid can help you purchase your Stannah Stairlift, and what to do if it doesn’t.

medicaid can help you purchase your stairlift

Historically, Medicaid was only provided to individuals in nursing homes. However, Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers have paved the way for the elderly to obtain these benefits within their own home or community. These waivers allow individuals to live in their own homes and will help pay for modifications such as a Stannah Stairlift.

However, these waivers do have certain restrictions that are specific to each state. Enrollment is often limited and sometimes waiting lists exist for these services. To learn more about the waivers and to see a comprehensive list visit the Paying for Senior Care website.

What do I do if Medicaid doesn’t cover my stairlift?

If Medicaid does not cover the price of your stairlift, there are a variety of options you can employ to ensure you are provided with safe and secure mobility from a Stannah Stairlift. With a little research and persistence you’ll be able to acquire the proper financing.


Stairlift Help is a great online resource that has listed these options in full detail:


  1. Veterans – The United States Veteran’s Administration is a great resource for veterans to find help paying for their stairlift.
  2. Private insurance – It may require some perseverance, but some private health insurance carriers will cover the cost of a stairlift. It will take some negotiation as your first claim may be denied. However, be sure to emphasize the importance of a stairlift and its ability to help you age comfortably and safely in your own home.
  3. Grants – Charitable funding may be available from local non-profit organizations. Your first step should be to contact your local Area Agency on Aging. You will be able to speak with experts about your situation and locate sources of funding and grants for your stairlift.
  4. Buying used – Just like a house or car, buying a used stairlift is a great option to save money. Be sure to purchase from a reputable distributor. Try your best to avoid independent sellers as they do not provide the same comprehensive inspection and repair process, nor do they typically offer a warranty.
  5. Payment plans and bank loans – Lack of mobility can be frustrating and help is usually required immediately. With payment plans and bank loans, you are able to receive the comfort and convenience of a stairlift now and pay it off over an extended period of time.
  6. Rental / Rent-to-Own – If purchasing a stairlift is not the most cost-effective method for your budget, renting a stairlift may be your next best option. If you’re satisfied with the product after renting, you may have the option to then purchase the equipment.


As we age, stairs can unfortunately become an intimidating and hazardous part of our homes. A Stannah Stairlift can bring back the convenience and safety that comes with independent mobility. You can find more information on ways to purchase your stairlift here.