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stairlift specifications

Stairlift Dimensions

Written by Nathan on 07/31/2019

For those considering a stairlift to address their mobility struggles, one of the most common concerns is how the stairlift will fit on their stairs and in their home. So, is a stairlift feasible? Let’s explore some stairlift dimensions and specifications to find out! Stairlifts – A Practical Mobility Solution Before we get started, let’s […]

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elevating susteinability

Stannah Stairlifts: Elevating Sustainability since 1867

Written by Stannah on 06/03/2019

Going green: Stannah’s approach to a more sustainable future started with small changes that add up to making a big difference! On World Environment Day, let’s imagine you were back in the 19th century, when most people could only buy or trade local, seasonal, organic products, usually supplied in re-used wicker bags! Or simply imagine […]

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stannah stairlift on stairs

Folding Stairlifts that don’t get in your way

Written by Nathan on 05/02/2019

Are you worried about a stairlift getting in your way? Often, people avoid buying a stairlift because they think it will block their stairs. Family members or friends might visit, and they’re worried their stairlift will get in the way. There’s no need to worry. Every lift we make folds away neatly. The footrest, arms […]

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install a stairlift

Getting a stairlift is cheaper than moving house

Written by Stannah on 05/02/2019

If you can no longer get up and down your stairs, you might consider moving to a ranch or single-story home. It might even seem like the easiest option. When was the last time you moved house? Do you remember what that involved? Sorting through years’ worth of cherished items…and lots and lots of stuff. […]

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Stairlifts for the elderly

Make stairs easier for the elderly with a stairlift

Written by Nathan on 05/02/2019

You’ll be able to use your stairs easily and worry-free As we get older, we start to feel the effects of aging. Our balance decreases, which has a negative impact on our lives. Over time, the stairs can become a real obstacle in your home. Using the stairs could be painful, dangerous and almost impossible. […]

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Stairlifts for Disabled People

Can a Person in a Wheelchair Use a Stairlift?

Written by Nathan on 05/02/2019

Stannah stairlifts are designed to be as safe and accessible as possible. We have a range of models with unique ergonomic features, but whether or not a stairlift will work for you depends on your needs and abilities. You want to be comfortable in your house and that includes being able to use your stairs […]

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stannah install video thumbnaill

DIY Stairlifts: Self-Installations Compromise Safety & Reliability

Written by Stannah on 03/15/2019

When you own a house, there are plenty of opportunities for a good old-fashioned DIY project. Installing a stairlift is not one of them. Unsafe installations not only damage the stairlift, which can lead to breakdowns, but can also cause accidents and compromise the safety of the user. The Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEMA) has […]

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Senior Friendly USA

The Senior-Friendly Index 2019: Every US state ranked

Written by Stannah on 02/19/2019

When it comes to deciding where to spend your golden years in the US, you’re spoilt for choice. There are, after all, 50 inimitable states to choose from, each as distinct as the next. Picking one to settle down in and call home is no easy task – especially in later life. You have to […]

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