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Senior Friendly USA

The Senior-Friendly Index 2019: Every US state ranked

Written by Stannah on 02/19/2019

When it comes to deciding where to spend your golden years in the US, you’re spoilt for choice. There are, after all, 50 inimitable states to choose from, each as distinct as the next. Picking one to settle down in and call home is no easy task – especially in later life. You have to […]

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Man holding with his fingers wooden domino with shape of businessman walking up stairs to climb up career ladder.

5 Signs It’s Time to Get a Stairlift

Written by Nathan on 11/19/2018

When is it the right time to buy a stairlift? It’s difficult to say when exactly you should buy a stairlift. One day you could be feeling healthy and strong, taking the stairs two at a time. Then, suddenly, everything changes. Or maybe you’ve experienced more gradual changes, with only minor physical impediments that you’ve […]

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Affordable Alternative to Residential Elevators

Best Affordable Alternative to Residential Elevators

Written by Stannah on 08/09/2018

Americans have become increasingly determined to age in place. As the population grows older, there’s a concerted effort to ward off moving to an assisted living facility. The installation of residential elevators in single-family homes has emerged as a popular option, particularly in pop culture. Recently, the Boston Globe printed an article highlighting this rapidly growing […]

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Stannah Stairlift Showroom

Stay in the Home You Love: A Stannah Stairlift Story

Written by Stannah on 08/07/2018

Jerry and Joanne discover the benefits of a Stannah stairlift by visiting our showroom. While based on true events, this story is a fictionalized version of a typical Stannah customer’s journey. Stairs were a Problem… Stairs were becoming a problem. Jerry didn’t like to admit it, but he found himself planning his days around a […]

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what is a stairlift

What is a Stairlift? 40 Years of Redefining Standards

Written by Stannah on 08/07/2018

A Stannah stairlift is a piece of modern assistive technology, just like any other household appliance Stannah has been a proud, family-run business for 150 years. We have a strong commitment to promoting independence and breaking down barriers. With our stairlifts, our customers have a product that fills them with trust and confidence. Over 40 […]

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building a stair lift

Building a Stairlift

Written by Stannah on 08/07/2018

From engineering to delivery, find out about the journey your stairlift goes on The manufacturing process of products can often be quite surprising. This is because people usually don’t think about what goes on behind-the-scenes of a brand, product or service. We want you to get to know us better by taking a peek at […]

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Get a stairlift with options to meet your needs

Stairlift Options

Written by Stannah on 08/06/2018

How to choose the right stairlift options for your home What sorts of stairlift options do you need? It all depends on you. While Stannah offers a range of stairlift models for straight stairs, stairs that turn and outdoor staircases, most of our stairlifts have the additional benefit of added optional features. During your free […]

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stairlift by medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid Coverages for Stairlifts

Written by Nathan on 08/06/2018

Are stairlifts covered by Medicare? Many seniors look to Medicare, the popular national health insurance program, to fund their stairlift purchases. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the cost of stairlifts. While Medicare includes provisions for Durable Medical Equipment (DME), typically stairlifts are not included in this category. So, if Medicare doesn’t cover stairlifts, what funding […]

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