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Stairlift Prices: A Ballpark Guide

There are several important questions to consider when choosing a stairlift for you or a loved one. The right stairlift is the one that lets you live in the home you know, love and enjoy. It removes the difficulties posed by stairs, and gives you a safe, reliable alternative to expensive options such as remodeling your home, installing a residential elevator or entering an assisted living facility.

You might be thinking, "Great, but how much is this going to cost?" The answer really depends on your staircase. The biggest determining factor in pricing a stairlift is whether or not your stairs take a turn. For straight run staircases, we use a standardized rail, cut to the appropriate length. Stairs that turn require a custom designed curved rail to fit the different bends and shapes of these staircases.

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Straight Stairlift Prices

When budgeting for a straight stairlift, one can expect to spend anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. Many customers choose an option in the $3,500-$4,500 range, while others opt for a refurbished model or take advantage of Stannah's short term rental program. Other pricing factors include potentially important featuers such as a fold-up retractable rail for stairs with a door at the bottom or a powered swivel seat to make it easier to get off at the top landing.

Love the stairlift. It has made it easier for me. Installers were very friendly and thoroughly explained everything and left everything clean.

Allen Park MI
Price of a Straight stairlift

Stannah Curved Stairlift Pricing

Pricing a Curved Stairlift

While pricing for a straight stairlift is fairly standard, stairs that turn can be a bit more complicated. Each lift must be custom designed for the unique staircase it will be installed on. By customizing our curved rails, we ensure that your lift hugs each turn, making for a smoother and more comfortable ride. You can expect a curved lift to start around $8,500. But for an exact quote, you'll need to make an appointment for a free estimate from one of our stairlift advisors.

I was considering a total of four companies that sell stair lifts. The Stannah salesperson was second in line. I received presentations from all four companies. The Stannah salesperson had the best presentation but the price wasn't the lowest, it was about 5% more than the lowest. With Stannah's reputation, their products (I did visit their showroom) and their guarantee (rental and break-down policy) I felt Stannah to be the best. I rented the chair to be sure it was a good fit for the house and after a week I have no question that I will be purchasing fully (the full price on the rental goes toward the purchase). I did my homework on these chairs and so far, Stannah was a great pick and I have no buyer's remorse.”

Stannah Stairlift Customer

Stannah expert advices people about a chairlift

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Buying a Stairlift for Family or Friends?

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It might be glaringly obvious to you: a family member or friend would benefit enormously from a Stannah stairlift. But the idea might not be quite so easy for them to accept – even if you’re prepared to buy the stairlift for them.

It’s important to discuss the benefits and advantages with them. If they are finding the stairs a struggle, if you are constantly worrying, if the potential risks are just too great to bear, a Stannah stairlift is able to improve life in ways you may not even realize.

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What Stannah Stairlifts Do…

  • They make ascending and descending the staircase as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • They can be adjusted to fit virtually any staircase. There’s no construction required and it takes less than a day to install one.
  • Stannah stairlifts are designed with a variety of safety features.
  • We stand by their reliability with an extended guarantee.
  • There’s no pressure to buy. Our advisors are there to help you make the right decision. If we don’t think a stairlift is the right solution, we will immediately let you know. Using a Stannah to carry laundry
  • Stannah stairlifts are designed to suit your home. We offer a variety of styles, upholsteries and finishes for you to choose from.
  • Over 600,000 Stannah stairlifts have been supplied and installed the world over, with 98% of customers prepared to recommend us.
  • You can use a Stannah stairlift to carry laundry baskets or groceries up or down the stairs.
  • Stannah stair lifts fold neatly away when not in use, ensuring there is still plenty of room on and around the stairs.

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What You Should Demand from a Stairlift and a Stairlift Provider

The right stairlift gives you access to a world of independence. But how do you know which one is the right one? Follow these tips!

  • Get advice from other stairlift owners and users. Find out about their experiences. Feel free to read our customer testimonies or visit a friend or family member who has already taken the step and installed a stairlift.
  • Ask the questions you want to know the answers to. Don’t rush into anything just because someone is looking for a quick sale. Find out about the experience of the salesperson and the technicians. How long have they been doing this? Do they fill you with uplifting confidence or a horrible sinking feeling?
  • Demand a stairlift suited to you, your home and your tastes – It’s not just about your staircase. It’s about your own needs. And your tastes and expectations. Your stairlift consultant has to take you and your preferences into account. How else will you find the stairlift that is right for you? For example, at Stannah this always begins with a no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly advisors. It’s where we assess how we can meet your needs while also letting you know exactly what will fit your unique situation.
  • Most importantly: Make sure it is safe – Only allow an accredited stairlift technician to work on your installation. All their products must meet the strictest safety standards. If you are unsure about this, ask the supplier about safety features or contact us for further advice.

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