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The Outdoor 320

Because There’s a Whole World Out There

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Would you like to relax on your deck? Or enjoy your garden? The Stannah 320 Outdoor gives you access to the world outside the walls of your house. Installed far more quickly and taking up a lot less room than a ramp, this stairlift can also be used to bring your groceries and other items upstairs. Designed for hot and cold climates, it has proven its abilities everywhere from New England to Hawaii. The 320 Outdoor also comes with a protective cover and can be locked by key for extra security.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable, Safe, Reliable – External stairs will never be an issue ever again!
  • Weather Resistant – Dust? Heavy rain? Salty sea air? Not a problem for this chairlift. It even works in the extreme cold.
  • Great for Groceries – With a seat belt for you or a cargo strap for sending groceries upstairs with the remote control.
  • Out of the Way – This stairlift folds away, you can lock the controls to prevent unauthorized use and it comes with a protective cover.
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Suitable for

  • Straight stairs
  • Narrow stairs
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What our experts say about the Outdoor

Edwin Rivera

“The Outdoor is one of my favorite models. It’s durable, reliable and able to handle harsh winter weather and extreme heat. It even comes with a protective cover to keep small critters away!”

How Much Does an Outdoor Stairlift Cost?

With a fixed price for a stairlift, you’ll pay … more than you should. Because every house is different. Every set of stairs is different. And this means our prices differ for every stairlift we sell.

A Stannah expert will visit your home to see exactly what you need. And based on this, we can give you an accurate, individualized quote. The quote is free. It doesn’t have any obligations attached. And it makes sure you don’t pay a cent more than you should.

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Designed for Safety, Security and Style

Weather Resistant

The Stannah Outdoor 320 is built to stand up to heavy rain, dusty wind and salt-laden sea breezes. It even comes with a durable cover for extra protection.

Winter Use

Don’t let the icy stairs stop you from enjoying the outside world! The Outdoor 320 can be used in temperatures as cold as 14°F (-10°C).


This stairlift can be installed on concrete, solid wood, steel, solid stone or brick. And if your stairs are made of something else? Our expert will visit you to assess whether the material is suitable for installing the Outdoor 320.

Seat Belt

A strong seat belt adds to your security. It also doubles as a cargo strap when you want to bring groceries – or anything else – upstairs.

Easy Controls

You operate the stairlift by simply pushing a control on the armrest in the direction you want to travel.

Swivel Seat

On arrival at the top landing, the seat swivels to face away from the stairs. The seat-back acts as a barrier across the stairs.

Security Lock

Locks on the chair and on each landing prevent unauthorized use.

Obstruction Detection

All Stannah stairlifts are able to detect obstructions on the stairs. If there is something in your way? The stairlift will stop immediately.

Folds Away

You may not be the only one who uses your outdoor staircase. The Outdoor 320 folds away when not in use to ensure others have room to walk on the stairs.

Protective Cover

For long-term storage, a strong cover keeps leaves, snow, rain and salt-spray off the chair.

Outdoor 320 - Detailed Specifications

Min. width unfolded: 25.7" (654mm)
Min. height unfolded: 25.7" (654mm)
Min. width of folded up: 13.3" (339mm)
Min. height of folded up: 13.3" (339mm)
Max. weight range: 300 lbs

Contact your local Stannah distributor to learn about the power specifications for the Outdoor 320

Strong and reliable seat belt
Obstruction-detection technology
Able to be locked from either landing and on the chair itself
Swivel seat

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