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Looking for a stairlift that is compact and easy to use? It’s time to meet Starla! This stairlift boasts a large number of intelligent safety features and folds away easily. It is also able to be customized to suit your tastes and the appearance of your home.

Always ready for use, with a comfortable seat and footrest, the Starla is a practical and affordable stairlift that unobtrusively gives you freedom and independence in your home. It takes us just a few hours to install. Would you like to know more? Contact us now!

Key Features & Benefits

  • Added Comfort – We add a slight backwards pitch to the chair. It gives you extra comfort and adds to your safety.
  • Easy In, Easy Out – The footrest raises and lowers at the push of a button, making it easier for you to get in and out of the stairlift.
  • Extra Safety – The hand control will not move the stairlift unless there is pressure on the seat. In other words, it won’t budge an inch unless you’re properly seated. (You can still move the unloaded stairlift using the remote control.)
  • Plenty of Options – From fabrics to colors. What would look best in your home?
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Customize the Starla to Your Tastes

  • Starla stairlift Brown swatch
  • Starla stairlift Green swatch
  • Starla stairlift Stone swatch
  • Starla stairlift Red swatch
  • Starla stairlift Beige swatch

Starla comes fully upholstered, or with wood trim

Wood Trim
  • Starla stairlift light wood trim swatch
  • Starla stairlift dark wood trim swatch
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Suitable for / Dimensions

  • Straight stairs
  • Curved stairs
  • Narrow stairs
Width Folded: 13.5”
Width Unfolded: 25.9”
Min Seat Height: 15.4”
Max Seat Height: 19.3”
Outside edge of Rail (from wall): 6.75”
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What our experts say about the Starla

Bob DonFrancesco

“The Starla incorporates the very best Stannah has to offer. An incredible variety of safety features as well as customizable options that make the Starla blend into any home. Whether your staircase is straight or curved, the Starla can give you the mobility, freedom and independence everyone should be able to enjoy in their own homes.”

How much does a Stairlift cost?

With a fixed price for a stairlift, you’ll pay … more than you should. Because every house is different. Every set of stairs is different. And this means our prices differ for every stairlift we sell.

A Stannah expert will visit your home to see exactly what you need. And based on this, we can give you an accurate, individualized quote. The quote is free. It doesn’t have any obligations attached. And it means you don’t pay a cent more than you should.

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Thoughtfully Designed for Safety, Security and Style

Foldaway Footrest

Keep your footrest out of the way without bending down to move it. With just a press of a button, your footrest will be raised, making it easier to get into your chair and safer when you store it at the top of the stairs.

Your Choice of Upholstery

Which do you prefer? A durable vinyl? Or does a stylish woven fabric complement the style of your home? With a choice of colors, you’re sure to find the perfect look!

Wooden Trim for the Perfect Look

Say the word and we will add a wooden trim to the seat of your chairlift. The only question is whether you would prefer a light or dark wood? Or perhaps a fully upholstered look is more to your taste?

Easy exit at the top of the stairs

When the stairlift reaches the top of the stairs, it swivels to safely face the landing and protect you from a long fall. To make it easier to move your feet onto it, the footrest comes close to the top landing. The footrest also folds away when not in use.

Seat load sensor

The Starla senses pressure on the seat. It won’t budge an inch until you’re securely seated. Of course, if you want to move it when it’s empty or send a basket of laundry upstairs, it’s easy to do using the remote control at either landing.

Extra Comfort and Safety

We designed the Starla with a slight backwards tilt to the seat for your comfort and safety.

Slim Foldaway Seat

The Starla folds neatly away, leaving you plenty of room to walk past.

Easy to Control

The control unit for the Starla is built into the armrest. You can sit naturally and comfortably and use your finger or the side of your hand to start the stairlift moving.

User-Friendly Seat Belt

We designed the seat belt for the Starla with user-friendliness in mind. It’s mounted near the tip of the armrest, so it’s easy to reach and use with just one hand.

Remote controls

The remote controls on each landing allow you to call or send the Starla. Great if two people are using the stairlift. And an extra touch of security that is bound to prove itself useful one day.

Starla Detailed Specification

Straight stairs

Width Folded: 13.5”
Width Unfolded: 25.9”
Min. Seat Height: 15.4”
Max. Seat Height: 19.3”
Outside edge of Rail (from wall): 6.75”
Rated load
Maximum: one person up to 350lbs (159kg). By code the stairlift is structurally strong enough to hold 5x that load, but should not be used to carry more than 350lbs.

Curved Stairs

Width Folded: 16”
Width Unfolded: 26.7”
Min Seat Height: 19”
Max Seat Height: 19”
Outside edge of rail (from wall): varies depending on the shape of the staircase, but typically 6 - 7½" (150-190mm)
Rated load
Maximum: one person up to 300lbs (136kg). By code the stairlift is structurally strong enough to hold five times that load, but should not be used to carry more than 300lbs.

Power supply and Battery

All Stannah stairlifts run on powerful batteries that trickle-charge when the stairlift is not in use. What if the power goes out? Depending on the length of the staircase, the stairlift will continue to work for 10 – 20 return journeys, but will beep to let you know it’s not charging and to remind you to temporarily turn the stairlift off.

The stairlift connects with regular 110 Volt household power outlets. Ideally, we will use one within 10’ of the top or bottom of the stairs. It is best if an outlet is permanently live. This means the stairlift is always able to charge without being turned off by accident.

Battery lifespan: typically 3 - 5 years
Although Stannah use batteries that are readily available – they are commonly found in alarm systems etc. – they must be replaced by trained technicians. This ensures the electronics inside the stairlift are not damaged.

Safety Features
  • Easy-to-use seat belt near the end of one armrest. Put it on or take it off with one hand.
  • The footrest folds away with a press of a button on the armrest, so there’s no need to bend over at the top of the stairs.
  • A sensor registers pressure on the seat, preventing the chairlift from moving until the user is securely seated.
  • The chair stops if it detects an obstruction.
  • A key lock to prevent unwanted use
  • On/Off switch
  • Users can manually turn the seat to face the top landing. This can be upgraded to an automatic power swivel option.

Customize your Starla

Design a Starla to suit your tastes

Dark wood trim with brown upholstery Dark wood trim with brown upholstery

Click on the pictures below. Your choices will then appear on the Starla stairlift to the left.

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It takes just a few hours for our fully accredited, fully trained technicians to install your stairlift in your home. You’ll then have the freedom to move about confidently, independently and in complete safety.

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