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Outdoor Stairlifts

Whether there are steps up to your front door, out to your back garden, down to a garage or round to a patio, our outdoor stairlifts make the outdoor spaces you love and need accessible again.

What is an Outdoor Stairlift?

An outdoor stairlift is a durable stairlift, built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Stannah's 320 model is intended for year-round use, and is operational between 14°F - 105°F.  The Outdoor 320 also comes with additional features, like a key lock to prevent unwanted use and a removable cover for added protection.

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Best in class safety features

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Why should I get an outdoor stairlift?

Imagine being able to leave your house, confident in the knowledge that you’ll be able to get back inside at the end of the day without having to struggle with stairs. With over four decades of experience manufacturing stairlifts, we’ve had time to hone our skills. We’re particularly proud of our robust, durable outdoor stairlifts. Call today and learn how an outdoor stairlift from Stannah can help you enjoy your outdoor living spaces!

Durable Materials

Stannah’s 320 Outdoor stairlift’s seat is made from durable, UV-resistant plastic. The weather-resistant rail can be fitted to either side of the stairs, while key internal components are stored safely within the outdoor stairlift’s protective carriage.

Are my stairs right for an outdoor stairlift?

If you have a straight flight of stairs and at least three steps up, we should be able to install an outdoor stairlift at your home. We can install our outdoor stairlifts:

  • On outdoor staircases, decks and garage stairs
  • On either side of the stairs, whichever side it fits best on

How much does an outdoor stairlift cost?

Outdoor stairlifts typically cost between $5,000-$6,000. Stannah also offers rental and reconditioned outdoor stairlifts, giving you added flexibility for either short or long-term use. Not sure? We offer free stair surveys, so you can decide if an outdoor stairlift is right for you.

Key features of our outdoor stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlift Dimensions

Figure for stairlift specs
Indications Inches
A Seat Height (adjustable) 21.5 to 26.5
B Chair Width (inside of armrests) 19
C Depth from Wall (Folded) 14.5
D Depth from Wall (Unfolded) 25.25
- Minimum Staircase Width 26
E Rail to Wall 8

The key features of our outdoor stairlifts

We’ve been manufacturing stairlifts for over 40 years. That’s given us time to perfect our stairlifts to make them the safest and most comfortable out there. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

safety outdoor lift for stairs


Safer than a slippery ramp

Your outdoor stairlift is a safe alternative to slippery, wet stairs all year round. Safer than a ramp, more compact than a vertical platform lift, and easier to install, as it is attached to your stairs not the wall, your stairlift is equipped with safety sensors and could help prevent falls and injury.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Easy to use

Fitted with an easy-to-use joystick

To use your stairlift, push the joystick in the direction you want to go. It can be put on either armrest, whether you’re left or righthanded, whatever makes you most comfortable. Our outdoor models have swivel seats that make it easier to get on and off your chair safely and worry-free at the top of the stairs.



Energy efficient

Our outdoor stairlifts are no more expensive to run than our indoor ones (cheaper than your coffee maker!). A stairlift is an investment into your future. It’ll keep you active for years to come.


Weather resistant

Rain, snow and ice aren't a problem

Rain or shine, they’ll take you where you need to go all year round. The chair, motor and battery are waterproof so they don’t get damaged in the rain, ice or snow.



Built to last

Our Outdoor stairlifts are built to withstand the elements and stand the test of time. The chair won’t age from being outside - it’s made from UV-resistant plastic so won’t fade in the sun. Its weight capacity is up to 300lbs, so you can quickly and easily use it to carry your grocery bags up and down the stairs.



It comes with a cover to keep it clean

Your stairlift is always ready, whenever you need it. It comes with a protective waterproof cover to guard against ice and snow, and keep it dry and clean. Take the cover off and you’re good to go.

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