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The Sadler Standing Stairlift

A stand-up chair with seat assistance, a non-slip seat and adjustable seat height

If you struggle with back or knee pain, the Sadler can help you enjoy the full use of your home.

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Average Installation: 3 Hours

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Best in class safety features

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What do you get from your Sadler Stairlift?

With the Sadler, you get a dynamic stairlift designed to fit narrow stairs. If a normal chair doesn’t offer the support you need to enjoy your home in comfort and safety, the Sadler’s near-standing position could be a better choice. Limited flexibility in your back, hips or knees? The Sadler could be the right solution for you.


The Sadler stairlift comes with woven “Stone” colored upholstery.



Figure for stairlift specs
Indications Inches
A Seat Height (adjustable) 22.75” to 31.33”
B Chair Width (inside of armrests) 18.5”
C Depth from Wall (Folded) 16”
D Depth from Wall (Unfolded) 26.7"
- Minimum Staircase Width 26 - 28
E Rail to Wall 6

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Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

The benefits of your Sadler stairlift

Stannah is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions out there. We conduct ongoing research, with input from physiotherapists and orthopaedic doctors, which we are proud to have put into practice with this unique design. The Sadler is a perfect example of how this research is helping make thousands of peoples’ lives easier every day.

A Stand-up chair

With the Sadler you’re neither sitting nor standing. The weight is taken off your hips, knees and back, without you having to lower yourself into the chair. Easy in, easy out.

stand-up chair for climbing stairs

Seat assistance

The Sadler offers support as you get on and off the seat. It reclines gently as you sit down, offering you extra support, and helps you straighten back up by tilting back up with you.

seat assistance on stairlift sadler

Non-slip seat

The Sadler was designed to support you in an upright position. To make you feel safer, soft ridges were added to the seat for extra grip so you won’t budge an inch as you travel.

designed to support you in an upright position

Adjustable seat height

The seat of the Sadler is regulated to your height when it’s installed. It’ll always be in the right position for you to use your stairlift with minimal effort and independence in your own home.

Stannah stairlift with adjustable seat height

Easy folding

No need to bend over. Folding the arms of the Sadler automatically folds the footrest up. That means it can be folded away neatly with minimal effort, in one simple action.

stannah salder arms

Narrow stairs

The Sadler is ideal for the narrowest of stairs. Since you’re not sitting, your knees won’t knock against anything. If you can stand on your stairs, a Sadler can usually be fitted on them.

Stannah Sadler option for narrow stairs

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