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Carolina Homelift: Authorized Dealer for Stannah Stairlifts in Hendersonville, NC

At Carolina Home Lift, our goal is to “get you up the stairs”. Choosing a stairlift company means choosing a company to do business with for many years to come. Our company has an established customer base in the area and a reputation for providing the best stairlifts Hendersonville, North Carolina has to offer.

Stairlifts provide a means for individuals with mobility challenges to enjoy their entire home. Installing a stairlift doesn’t require significant remodeling or time. Stairlifts can be designed to travel up both curved and straight stairs and can go up multiple flights. They take up a minimum amount of space when not in use and seats can be chosen to fit your current décor. We can even install stairlifts outdoors to provide access to a deck. From first contact to installation, you could have a Carolina Home lift stairlift in your home in just a few weeks Give us a call to find out how a stairlift will fit in your life. We would appreciate the opportunity to give you a free, no obligation quote for an affordable, custom stairlift.

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