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ACME Home Elevator, Inc.: Authorized Dealer for Stannah Stairlifts in Las Vegas

ACME Home Elevator was founded in 1987 by Terry Pope. Terry had worked in the commercial elevator industry for over 17 years at that time and recognized the growing need for a quality company to provide stair lifts and home elevators in Northern California.

We have decided to solely represent Stannah Stairlifts because we believe in providing products with the highest in reliability and safety. We also provide the highest quality in installation by providing factory-trained technicians and relying on our nearly 25 years of experience in installing and maintaining stairlifts. Las Vegas can rely on quality stairlifts and service from ACME.

We supply both new and used stairlifts, and have short-term rentals. If you rent, we give you the option to turn your rental into a purchase within the first year, for the same price as if you’d bought it on day one. So we can find something for almost any budget, and a good stairlift can certainly be installed for much less than the cost of selling and moving home, or remodeling your home to provide extra living-space downstairs.

For exact pricing, we normally come and take a look at your stairs, then provide you with a written quotation, without obligation. If you no longer need your Stannah stairlift, we’ll buy it back or remove it.

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