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Country Home Elevator: Authorized Dealer for Stannah Stairlifts in Northwest Arkansas

Country Home Elevator has been serving Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas since 2001. Founder and owner Craig Jones and his team listen to what you want and match that to the industry’s best equipment.

Our technicians are experts in stairlifts, and are ready to install your new Stannah stairlift in Northwest Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas and Missouri.

Even if you don’t live near our main office, chances are we can find a way to demo the equipment you want in your area. We have customers all over the states that we cover, and many of them will graciously allow us to bring new clients into their homes for demonstration purposes. In some ways this is even better than the conventional “showroom” experience, because you’ll be looking at an actual real-world installation. You may also have the opportunity to chat with the owners about their stairlift and experience with Country Home Elevator. So contact Country Home Elevator today, to learn more about the best stairlifts Northwest Arkansas has to offer!

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