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Area Access: Authorized Dealer for Stannah Stairlifts in Virginia

For over 30 years, Area Access has solved its customers mobility issues in and around Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware and Eastern North Carolina.

There are all kinds of stairlifts available to fit different applications, from a straight half-flight to a seven-story spiral. While it’s important to select the right unit for your situation, it’s just as important to carefully select the company from which you buy that unit. Installing a stairlift might look simple to the untrained eye, but technicians who have been doing it for decades will tell you that it isn’t. With Area Access, you can rest assured that our installers care about safety and know their business. Area Access has the best Stairlifts Virginia has to offer. Visit our Stairlifts Manassas Virginia showroom today!

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Great products and knowledgeable staff.

Bruce Ashkenas

I have been a customer for over 5 years. I have a stair lift, 2 lift chairs, and a scooter, all purchased from Area Access. When I returned home after a period of hospitalization, I needed assistance to stand up from a chair and could not get up by myself. My wife called Area Access, who had installed my stair lift, and explained my problem. She explained she could not leave me, but needed a lift chair immediately. She was asked what color and would anyone be home later. A few hours later, a pickup truck drove up and a gentleman unloaded and set up my chair. It made my recovery possible.


A Stannah stairlift will fit any staircase, wide, narrow, curved or straight

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