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DC Elevator Company: Authorized Dealer for Stannah Stairlifts in West Virginia

As West Virginia’s authorized Stannah Stairlifts dealer, we at DC Elevator Company serve our customers in the Mountain State and the Greater Appalachian region. Specializing in service and repair, DC Elevator is an employee-owned company that has prevailed over the last four decades with steady growth and a 97% retention rate. We serve both commercial and residential customers in Lexington, Louisville, Florence, Hazard, Paducah, and Charleston, West Virginia. With Certified Elevator Technicians (CET) and Certified Accessibility Technicians (CAT) on staff, we offer a complete portfolio of straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, elevators and accessibility lifts. The operators of the West Virginia branch office, Ron and Marsha Rucker, are likely not strangers to you. As owners of Progressive Elevator Company, they have served commercial and residential customers for over a decade, before Progressive became a part of the DC Elevator family in 2015. With over 25 years in the construction and elevator industries, Ron Rucker, a CAT-S (Certified Accessibility Technician) serves as the West Virginia branch manager.
While our Charleston-based subsidiary does not currently offer a showroom, our customers do graciously open their homes when needed, as testimony of how DC Elevator has helped them overcome challenges, and how we operate as a company. Please contact Ron and Marsha Rucker today to learn more about Stannah Stairlifts and find a solution that more than meets your accessibility needs.

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