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Terms and Conditions of Online Sales

These terms and conditions relate to you buying a stairlift direct from us, Stannah Inc, online through our website at shop.stannah-stairlift.com for a residential property.  

  1. Parties to the agreement

a: These terms and conditions form part of a legal agreement (the agreement) between:us, Stannah (see terms and conditions relative to your location below), and you, the person placing the order on the site. 

b: If we have to contact you, we will do so using the phone number, address or email address you gave in your order. 

c: You can contact us by telephoning us at 1-800-877-8247, emailing us at  info@stannah.com, or writing to us at: 

Stannah Stairlifts, 20 Liberty Way, STE A, Franklin, MA 02038 

d: When we use the words writing or written in these terms and conditions this includes email. 

  1. Our contract with you

a: This document and those below for the location of the installation, sets out the terms and conditions that apply to the agreement for you buying your stairlift and us designing, manufacturing and installing it. It explains what you can expect from us. It also explains your responsibilities. 

b: Before you submit your order, please read these terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you have answered all the questions as accurately as possible and that the details as summarized in the ‘What is included with your stairlift’ link on the order page are complete and accurate. 

c: If once you have submitted your order you think there is a mistake in it or want to make any changes, please contact us using the details given at 1c above. 

d: We will confirm any changes by letter or email to avoid any confusion. 

e: We will email you to accept your order and at this point the agreement will come into existence between us. 

f: We will give you a reference number in our email accepting your order. Please quote this number whenever you contact us. 

g: If we are not able to accept your order we will tell you this by email and refund any deposit which you have paid. 

h: Once we have accepted your orderwe will contact you to arrange to carry out a survey at your property to check the suitability of your property for the stairlift ordered and take all necessary measurements. 

i: If when we carry out the survey we find that your property is not suitable for the stairlift ordered (for instance because the information you gave us in the order process was not accurate) we may: – 

  • change the agreement with regard to the stairlift and/or services we are supplying and the price you are to pay to address the issue(s) identified by the survey; or 
  • if we cannot reasonably make such changes, end the agreement with you in which case we will refund your deposit. 

If we need to take such steps we will tell you in writing. 

If we change the agreement we will ask you to confirm in writing if you wish to: 

  • agree the changes and proceed with agreement; or
  • end the agreement. 

We will not proceed to perform the agreement until we have your instructions. 

Here you’ll find the documents referring to the terms and conditions of sale, rental and marketing from Stannah: